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A number of different earthworks can be seen to the south of Aylworth Farm. The area of earthworks has been sliced through by a railway line. Features to the south of the railway line have been ploughed. [1] A number of building platforms have been plotted. The settlement was situated in an area of a number of springs. [2]

A minimum population of 11 is recorded in the Domesday Book. In 1327 only three people were assessed. [3] By 1341 it is recorded that ‘many tenants left their holdings and left them vacant and uncultivated’. [4] In 1344 a very low amount is paid in the Lay Subsidy. In 1381 only six people paid the Poll Tax. The VCH suggests that this may not be complete depopulation but redistribution of the population through the area, hence the six people recorded in 1381. [2] This seems to have always been a small settlement, perhaps with dispersed elements and has been classed here as a deserted medieval hamlet.

Appears in the Gazetteer of Deserted Medieval Villages known in 1968.

[1] Gloucestershire HER Record No. 4320.
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SP 110220

Documentary resources
Domesday reference:
GLOS 34,6. 52,6
Domesday minimum number of individuals:
Taxation 1291 (main):
Not recorded
Taxation 1291 (portions):
Not recorded
Lay subsidy 1334 total paid:
Poll Tax 1377 number who paid:
No surviving record
Poll Tax 1377 total paid:
No surviving record
Poll Tax 1379 number who paid:
No surviving record
Poll Tax 1379 total paid:
No surviving record
Poll Tax 1381 number who paid:
Poll Tax 1381 total paid:
Lay subsidy 1524 number who paid:
No surviving record
Lay Subsidy 1524 total paid:
No surviving record
Lay Subsidy 1525 number who paid:
No surviving record
Lay Subsidy 1525 total paid:
No surviving record
Lay Subsidy 1543/4 number who paid:
Diocesan returns 1563:
Not recorded
Census 1801 total population:
Not recorded
Census 1841 total population:
0 ([Hamlet] part of Naunton)
Census 1841 inhabited houses:
E179 date and type last doc:
1678 March 20 act for raising money by a poll
Additional information
Alternative names:
Presumed date of depopulation:
NMR number:
HER number:
GLOS 4320
Investigation history:
1974 Field Visit.
Cartographic or photographic records:
RAF 106G/UK/1347 7168-9 Taken 1 April 1946.
CUCAP AZO81 Taken 24 August 1969.
CUCAP BGS091 Taken 10 April 1975.
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Not Scheduled
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