Castlett Farm



Site type: DMH

A slightly refined grid reference (SP 089 259) has been used to locate the site over the features. At least 14 house platforms have been plotted at the site, along a northwest-southeast running hollow way although these are not clear on aerial photography. [1] Medieval pottery was reported during construction work. [1] An evaluation in 2005 revealed a ditch in-filled in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. [2] Pottery at the site seems to decline in the fifteenth century. [2]

Castlett is recorded in the Domesday Book with a minimum population of four. In 1327 five people are assessed. [3] In 1334 a below average Lay Subsidy is paid. In 1381 four people paid the Poll Tax. By 1504 it had been converted to pasture. [4] Although the earthworks at the site may suggest more extensive settlement, the documentary evidence would suggest a small settlement and it has been classed as a hamlet.

Appears in the Gazetteer of Deserted Medieval Villages known in 1968.

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Pre-1974 county:
Historic parish:
Guiting Power
Present county or unitary area:
Modern parish:
Guiting Power
Grid reference:
SP 089259

Documentary resources
Domesday reference:
GLOS 34,9
Domesday minimum number of individuals:
Taxation 1291 (main):
Not recorded
Taxation 1291 (portions):
Not recorded
Lay subsidy 1334 total paid:
Poll Tax 1377 number who paid:
No surviving record
Poll Tax 1377 total paid:
No surviving record
Poll Tax 1379 number who paid:
No surviving record
Poll Tax 1379 total paid:
No surviving record
Poll Tax 1381 number who paid:
Poll Tax 1381 total paid:
Lay subsidy 1524 number who paid:
No surviving record
Lay Subsidy 1524 total paid:
No surviving record
Lay Subsidy 1525 number who paid:
No surviving record
Lay Subsidy 1525 total paid:
No surviving record
Lay Subsidy 1543/4 number who paid:
Diocesan returns 1563:
Not recorded
Census 1801 total population:
Not recorded
Census 1841 total population:
Not recorded
Census 1841 inhabited houses:
Not recorded
E179 date and type last doc:
1606 May 17 six fifteenths and tenths
Additional information
Alternative names:
Presumed date of depopulation:
NMR number:
HER number:
GLOS 2221
Investigation history:
1974 Field Visit.
1976 Field Visit.
1993 Field Visit.
2002-2006 North Gloucestershire Cotswolds and Forest of Dean NMP.
2004 Field Visit.
2005 Evaluation.
Cartographic or photographic records:
RAF 106G/UK/1347 5175-6 Taken 1 April 1946.
Site status:
Not Scheduled
x coordinate:
y coordinate:
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