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The location has been slightly refined from the 1968 Gazetteer (SP 075 281) to place it directly over the earthwork evidence. The earthworks are located to the north of Pinnock Farm. A total of ten house platforms and seven crofts have been suggested. [1] A complex development at the site includes later sheepcotes and a possible later hollow way. [1, 2] A watching brief recovered medieval pottery. [3]

Pinnock is recorded in Domesday with a minimum population of 25. In 1327 14 people were assessed in Pinnock, Ford and Hyde. [4] In 1334 they pay a below average Lay Subsidy. In 1381 24 people paid the Poll Tax at these three settlements. By 1525 only seven people paid the Lay Subsidy in Pinnock and by 1563 only three households are recorded. In 1603 only seven (and no more) communicants were recorded. [5]

Appears in the Gazetteer of Deserted Medieval Villages known in 1968.

[1] NMR Pastscape Record No. 327735.
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Pre-1974 county:
Historic parish:
Pinnock and Hyde
Present county or unitary area:
Modern parish:
Temple Guiting
Grid reference:
SP 075281

Documentary resources
Domesday reference:
GLOS 78,10
Domesday minimum number of individuals:
Taxation 1291 (main):
Not recorded
Taxation 1291 (portions):
Not recorded
Lay subsidy 1334 total paid:
346 (, Ford and Hide)
Poll Tax 1377 number who paid:
No surviving record
Poll Tax 1377 total paid:
No surviving record
Poll Tax 1379 number who paid:
No surviving record
Poll Tax 1379 total paid:
No surviving record
Poll Tax 1381 number who paid:
24 (, Ford with Hyde)
Poll Tax 1381 total paid:
288 (, Ford with Hyde)
Lay subsidy 1524 number who paid:
No surviving record
Lay Subsidy 1524 total paid:
No surviving record
Lay Subsidy 1525 number who paid:
Lay Subsidy 1525 total paid:
Lay Subsidy 1543/4 number who paid:
Diocesan returns 1563:
Census 1801 total population:
125 (Township)
Census 1841 total population:
61 (Township) (and Hyde)
Census 1841 inhabited houses:
E179 date and type last doc:
1678 March 20 act for raising money by a poll
Additional information
Alternative names:
Presumed date of depopulation:
NMR number:
HER number:
GLOS 2203
Investigation history:
1973 Field Visit.
1999 Watching Brief.
2002-2006 North Gloucestershire Cotswolds and Forest of Dean NMP.
Cartographic or photographic records:
CUCAP YA71-75 Taken 13 May 1959.
CUCAP ACQ8-10 Taken 17 April 1961.
CUCAP AIJ80-81 Taken 5 February 1964.
CUCAP AMK42 Taken 6 November 1965.
CUCAP AWO18-19 Taken 20 January 1969.
Site status:
Not Scheduled
x coordinate:
y coordinate:
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